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Introducing #ireadSBoSM

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There are nearly 50,000 readers of our daily e-mail newsletter, SmartBrief on Social Media. This blog serves as one way to bring together readers to discuss the opportunities and insights that matter to them, but we’re constantly looking for new ways to link the community.

When discussing this with the newest addition to SmartBrief’s social-media team, Emily Molitor (@emilymolitor), it occurred to us that a combination of hashtags and Twitter lists might be a cool way to put you all in touch with us — and more importantly, one another.

The idea is simple: Just use #ireadSBoSM in your next tweet (see here, here and here for readers who jumped on the idea right off the bat) and we’ll add you to our SmartBrief on Social Media reader list.

Here, you can you become a part of this engaged, thoughtful community — making it easy to find and follow other SmartBrief on Social Media readers who are interested in moving their business forward with social strategies.

In addition, the team here at SmartBrief will use this list to find articles, blog posts, insights and discussions that are most important to you to help make our product better. So go ahead and join — we’re looking forward to introducing you to one another.

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