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SmartBrief on: Business-to-business social marketing

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So much of social-media marketing advice focuses on retail businesses. But is there more to the story than that? You bet — business-to-business companies can also use social tools to strengthen their brands and even find new leads. Read on for a roundup of relevant stories that made it into our e-mail newsletter, SmartBrief on Social Media.

Are your sales and social-media teams on the same page?
Many business-to-business companies have noticed a rift emerging between their sales and social-media teams, and it’s important to find ways to bridge that gap, writes Karlie Justus. Tracking leads generated by social-media efforts and providing regular analytic reports to the sales team are usually enough to win over skeptics, she notes. (4/20)

5 tips for launching a business-to-business social strategy
Before starting a business-to-business social campaign, it’s important to know the answers to five key questions, writes Luke Brynley-Jones. Figuring out how you’ll find time to run your social operations, understanding your method for determining ROI and understanding your customers’ needs are all prerequisites for a successful social-campaign launch, he adds. (4/18)

Meet the leaders in business-to-business social marketing
Social media is playing a growing role in business-to-business marketing, and B2B Magazine’s annual Social Media Awards break down the field’s best and brightest players. Cisco’s innovative virtual-worlds systems and CME Group’s phenomenally popular Twitter feed are among the cream of the current crop of b-to-b social marketers, this article finds. BtoB Magazine (4/12)

Why B2B bosses should embrace YouTube
YouTube is a natural fit for business-to-business companies — and there’s no better way to tap its potential than to have your CEO start posting videos, writes Karlie Justus. Webcasts and video blogging can give CEOs valuable practice at pitching their brand, position them as a thought leader and help them develop credibility with stakeholders, Justus argues. (4/5)

Why business-to-business companies should go social
Too often, business-to-business companies neglect social-networking tools, writes Jay Baer, in the belief that only business-to-consumer companies can benefit from a social-marketing strategy. Business-to-business companies can benefit more than most from social tools, he argues, since they have a smaller and more high-powered client base that’s “more influenced by word of mouth and reputation.” While appropriate social-media tactics vary between the two kinds of companies, the overarching strategy remains the same, he argues. Convince & Convert (12/27)

Social tool maps B2B sales leads
PeopleMaps is a social-media tool that allows salespeople to analyze their social-media relationships to find potential clients. The tool maps your connections to individuals, highlighting possible points of entry for a sales pitch. PeopleMaps makes a useful business-to-business tool, Laura Ramos writes, because “it helps salespeople prioritize which hot leads to pursue.” (10/5)

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