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SmartBrief on: Integrating e-mail marketing and social media

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Here at SmartBrief, we’re huge fans of the power of e-mail. But as social technologies become more powerful and more prevalent, it can be difficult to understand how e-mail fits into your marketing strategy. How can make sure you’re getting the most out of every send? How can you integrate your e-mail and social efforts so that they support each other? Read on for a roundup of relevant stories that made it into our e-mail newsletter, SmartBrief on Social Media.

Fuse your e-mail and social-media strategies
Embracing social media doesn’t have to imply scrapping your e-mail-marketing campaigns, writes Jeanne S. Jennings. Social-media users actually tend to be avid e-mail users, and people are more amenable to receiving marketing messages via e-mail from companies they’re already connected to socially, a study shows, so there’s plenty of incentive to overlap. “Smart marketers know that social and e-mail work together well,” Jennings notes. “[B]y leveraging that relationship they can make both their social-media and e-mail marketing strategies more effective.” MarketingSherpa/Sherpa Blog (3/1)

Turn your Facebook page into a newsletter
It’s easier than ever to send out e-mail newsletters, thanks to the NutshellMail Facebook app. The service allows users to add an “Email Newsletter” tab to their fan page, allowing subscribers to receive updates by e-mail. TechCrunch (1/18)

Use e-mail alerts to grow your company’s blog
Corporate bloggers should make sure that they enable e-mail alerts, since they can generate far more traffic than RSS subscriptions, writes Lily Zhu. A survey of more than 600 businesses found that almost 12 times as many people signed up for e-mail alerts as subscribed to RSS feeds, Zhu notes. Many blog platforms don’t turn on e-mail alerts by default, so simply flipping a switch can be an easy way to boost blog traffic, Zhu writes. Marketing blog (1/4)

E-mail has value in social-media strategies
Before you write off e-mail, try to integrate it into your social-media marketing strategy by using sharing tools, Jolina Pettice writes. “Social sharing options embedded in online content have helped increase distribution and reach for thousands of Web sites,” she notes. Share content that is trustworthy, simple, targeted and adds value for the reader, she suggests. Online Marketing Blog (10/14)

Nielsen: Social net boosts e-mail use
Social media is making users consume more e-mail, not less, a Nielsen study found. Many active social networkers rely on their e-mail to get out notices about Facebook and Twitter activity, Helen Leggatt writes. It may also be that social-media users are more socially active and so they tend to send and receive more communications, she noted. BizReport (9/29)

E-mail marketing must be easy to share
Social media has changed the dynamic from messaging to engagement and sharing, Mikal Belicove writes, so it’s vital that your e-mail marketing be shareable, too. Make sure your messages are shareable on social sites Bebo, Delicious and LinkedIn, where users are most likely to post and forward them. E-mails with brand names in the subject line are more likely to be forwarded, he notes. Dose blog (9/16)

Improve your e-mail marketing
Regardless of who your audience is, there are some guidelines for e-mail messaging that hold true, SmartBrief’s Sarah Brown writes. Keep the writing short, ask readers for just one action and provide graphics and a sample of what you offer. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Social Media (8/24)

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