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SMSS: Guy Kawasaki on making the most of Twitter

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Guy Kawasaki kicked off the Social Media Success Summit last night, sharing some sound advice for Twitter users of all stripes. Whether you represent a business which has yet to establish a Twitter presence, or you’re a grizzled Twitter veteran, Kawasaki’s presentation was full of real-life examples to expand your brand’s reach.

Among the key takeaways, courtesy of SmartBrief’s Abe Silk:

  • Engage with your readership. To illustrate this point, Kawasaki used the example of Virgin Atlantic, which offers in-flight WiFi access to all its passengers. The airline — like many companies these days — monitors what its customers are saying about it on Twitter. One customer did not receive his dinner in a timely manner, so he tweeted about it and someone from corporate radioed the pilot who had a flight attendant fix the situation right away.
  • Sell to your fans. Kogi BBQ, a Korean street vendor in Los Angeles, uses Twitter to let its customers know where it will be on a given day. People line up for blocks at lunchtime because they know where the mobile vendors will be. This would not be possible via traditional advertising.
  • The more the merrier. Kawasaki stressed the importance of getting as many fans as possible, and the best way to do that is provide good content via interesting links. He suggested establishing your niche and tweeting articles of interest from StumbleUpon, Tweetmeme, and, of course, SmartBrief.

The keynote concluded with Kawasaki proclaiming that retweeting is now the sincerest form of flattery. Do you agree?

This presentation was just the beginning of the month long, 100% online Social Media Success Summit. For access to the whole session and many others, sign up here.