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Transforming the television and entertainment landscape

Unleashing technology to create a revolutionary viewing experience for consumers.

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Smart TV viewing experience


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According to Market Research Future, the smart TV market is rapidly expanding and is projected to surpass $2.55 billion by 2030. The significant increase in smart TV adoption is propelled by the rapid growth and diversity of streaming content offerings. However, consumers now are seeking streamlined ways to find their desired content without the need for endless scrolling or swiping.

TV OS providers have been enhancing the overall consumer experience of smart TVs by going beyond the user interface and introducing tools and features that further enhance the convenience of TV viewing. These independent media platforms are revolutionizing our TV entertainment once again by introducing more practical and enhanced versions of voice search, service management, personalization and easier-to-use content-first browsing across movies, tv shows, sports and live TV streaming services.

Natural voice navigation

“Voice search has the remarkable capability to streamline the process of finding, watching and enjoying content, particularly in light of content being available across various applications,” says Ben Maughan, SVP and GM, Consumer & Media Platform at TiVo, a part of Xperi. “The advent of conversational search capabilities is transforming the way people engage with their TV services.”

Utilizing sophisticated language processing and personalized algorithms, TiVo’s technology simplifies content discovery and enriches the viewing experience by considering factors such as language preferences, viewing history, time and current trends. This advancement enables viewers to effortlessly discover and enjoy content.

While voice search has been around for some time, the advancements in natural language understanding have significantly improved its functionality. Now, voice commands such as “Continue watching my favorite program” are easily recognized, understood and delivered effortlessly. Maughan believes the “widespread adoption of voice search is expected to occur within the next two to four years, thanks to the continuous enhancement of the underlying technology” and “that voice has evolved from being a novel feature to a highly efficient tool with robust natural language capabilities.”

With viewers growing more accustomed to this technology, its integration into TV and entertainment experiences is poised to become increasingly widespread.

User friendly, personalized experience

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, consumers no longer want to navigate through complex interfaces or sift through endless options to find what they truly desire. Instead, they seek an interface that is tailored to their individual preferences, intuitive and easy to navigate and allows them to effortlessly explore the vast content library available to them.

Great user interfaces eliminate unnecessary clutter, simplify the search process and provide clear and concise options for accessing desired shows, movies and other forms of entertainment. A streamlined interface saves valuable time and ensures that consumers can quickly discover and enjoy the content they love. The desire for personalization goes beyond just a user-friendly interface.

Consumers want an experience that reflects their unique tastes and interests. Maughan continues, “Offering personalized content suggestions based on consumers’ preferences and viewing habits simplifies the process of discovering new shows, movies and genres aligned with their interests. This personalized approach enhances the viewing experience, making it more enjoyable and engaging.”

Streaming service management

Service management plays a crucial role in enhancing the customer experience by providing the ability to subscribe, pause or cancel subscriptions, enabling a more customized and tailored experience for viewers. With service management offerings, the focus remains on prioritizing content as the king. This means that the TV experience revolves around delivering the most relevant and engaging content to viewers.

By understanding individual preferences, viewing habits and trending content, service management ensures that viewers are presented with a curated selection of shows, movies and genres that align with their interests and effortlessly access their preferred content and services without the hassle of juggling multiple accounts.

Freedom of choice

The growing desire among consumers to have the freedom to choose and pay for content that aligns with their interests opens exciting opportunities for OS platforms. These platforms cater to consumer preferences by offering a wide range of content options, enabling them to create personalized bundles or subscribe to specific channels and services.

TiVo’s independent media platform stands out by taking an innovative approach that allows for the curation of content from various sources, including niche or independent creators that may not be readily available through traditional content packages. This diverse range of offerings grants consumers access to a broad array of content choices tailored to their unique interests and preferences. Consumers now have the option to selectively display or hide movies and TV shows from specific streaming services, streamlining the search process and minimizing unnecessary clutter.

By harnessing technology, these platforms can provide intuitive interfaces, personalized recommendations and seamless streaming across devices. Placing the user at the center, these platforms create a more enjoyable, convenient and user-friendly environment for content discovery, consumption and engagement, as emphasized by Maughan.

Content-first TV interface

“TiVo OS is dedicated to delivering a content-centric viewing experience through unified search, personalized recommendations, seamless content aggregation and intuitive organization,” asserts Maughan.

TiVo OS seamlessly integrates various content sources such as live TV, streaming services and on-demand platforms, bringing them together in a unified search interface. This enables viewers to search for specific titles, actors, genres or keywords, providing a comprehensive and effortless content discovery experience.

With TiVo OS, personalization takes center stage. By leveraging viewers behavioral patterns, TiVo OS delivers tailored recommendations, ensuring that they are presented with relevant content that aligns with their unique preferences. This personalized touch enhances the discovery of new and engaging shows, movies and genres.

TiVo OS excels at content aggregation, consolidating content from various sources into a cohesive platform. By eliminating the need to switch between multiple apps or devices, TiVo OS simplifies the viewing experience and reduces fragmentation. This integration enables viewers to access a wide range of content seamlessly, enhancing convenience and saving valuable time.

With these powerful features, TiVo OS elevates the viewing experience, allowing viewers to effortlessly navigate through their preferred programming, discover new content and enjoy a cohesive and immersive entertainment journey.

Join the revolution

The rapid progress of the smart TV market is influenced by the innovations introduced by independent media platforms like TiVo OS. TiVo OS revolutionizes the smart TV user experience with its content-centric approach, featuring simplified universal discovery, personalization and intuitive voice navigation. This transformative approach ensures that users can effortlessly explore a wide range of content streaming across different applications. With a focus on these user-centric features, TiVo is dedicated to creating a delightful and user-friendly ecosystem that facilitates content discovery, consumption and engagement in a personalized way.

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