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Tips to better promote your brand online

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Your logo is obviously your brand ambassador and it should be on every written and visual item you create. If you are educating your target consumers about your brand and are linking it with your brand logo, then it becomes easier to prompt buying/converting actions later down the line with things as simple as logo exposure. But beyond your logo, there are many things you can do to promote your brand via the Internet. Here are a few tips:

Prioritize areas where your target audience congregates

Should you whisper to a small group or shout to a large group? Do intimate market research into your target audience and find out where they spend most of their time when they go online. Even if you find out that most of your users go online to check their emails, then at least you know you need to concentrate on your email marketing over your online marketing.

Create infographics

Infographics are a quick and easy way to reach out. Your first should feature your main brand principle and an explanation of it. Your next infographic should feature the selling points of your product. Finally, you create another infographic that features your unique selling points in a favorable comparison to the selling points of your competitors.

These infographics may be spread around the Internet like butter. You can put them everywhere, and the great thing is that Google will not penalize you for duplicate content because they do not care about duplicate images. This means you are able to put your infographics on all your social media profiles, websites, blogs, forums, and wherever else you desire without any negative consequences.

Educate your target audience

Focus on your main brand principle when promoting on the Internet. When people think of your brand, they should think of just one brand principle. Teach them what that brand principle is.  For example, if your car has a very fast acceleration rate, then that is all you need to focus on when advertising and building your brand online. When people get to your website, they can read about how your car has a fiberglass shell that makes it as safe as a Smart Car, and how it has balanced Titanium springs at the front to absorb any shock without reverberation.

Exposure trumps self-promotion

Yes, you are trying to “promote” your brand online, but the actual promotional content should mainly stay within your sales/conversion funnel. Once you have wrapped your arms around your target consumers, then you should work to pull them in. Until they have entered your sales funnel, which is the steps from uninterested to converted, you need to keep the promotional content to a minimum.

Think of it like this. A woman goes speed dating and spends 10 minutes with each man. How well is each man going to do if he talks about himself the entire time and tells her how great he is? On the second and third date, he can be a little more self-promotional, but until she has bought into the idea of “maybe” liking him, she doesn’t want to hear about how great he is.

Getting your brand out there and within the peripheral vision of your target audience (literally and physiologically), is more important than beating your chest and proclaiming your brand to be the best. This means creating content that has no promotional value for your company at all is okay so long as your brand is present, so long as it features your brand logo, so long as it conforms to your brand principles, and so long as it doesn’t alienate your core consumer.

Bio: Laura Jonson is creative writer and specialist. She promotes small business on the Internet. Today she is working for dissertation help service AssignmentMasters. In the future she is planning to launch free online Website Promotion Courses.