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Today’s bonus tracks: A guide to user-friendly tweets

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So just like everyone and their sister, SmarBrief on Social Media has a Twitter account. Content-wise, Twitter can be a lot like a blog or a newsletter– but it’s worlds apart in terms of etiquette. How often should you post? Retweet? Live tweet? How can you stay relevant without clogging up readers’ feeds?  Meryl Evans takes the question head-on and comes up with a pretty handy list of 8 thou-shalt-nots. She suggests having second account for high-volume affairs like live chats and making use of Twitter’s direct message function for all those “Thanks for the RT” posts. Before sending a tweet, ask yourself: does everyone on my feed need to know about this quote/link/observation. If not, maybe you’re better off diverting to another channel. Or even keeping that 140-character gem to yourself.