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Top 10: New stores, new branding, new products

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Out with the old and in with the new. So went the trend in most-popular stories this week, with details on Whole Foods Market‘s first 365 store, slated to open in Los Angeles next month, gaining the attention of the most readers this week. The store will reportedly put an emphasis on efficiency, with limited space for service departments and an emphasis on prepackaged fresh offerings, which will cut down on the store’s labor requirements, according to a floor plan for the store. The store, which will open next month in Los Angeles, will also dedicate a significant amount of space to perishable items and feature four 16-foot salad bar tables, a space for delivery service Instacart and Aloha ordering systems, the plan revealed.

Other popular stories this week involved new restaurant looks, new branding and new products.

News on Johnny Rockets’ updated look through the launch of a new Syracuse, N.Y., restaurant came in a close second with readers. The 30-year-old chain unveiled a look featuring modern wood finishes, dark-colored booths and pendant lighting, and hopes to replicate it through 70 new locations this year.

Other popular news included Coco-Cola unveiling new global packaging, McDonald’s launching two new versions of a trademark classic and Taco Bell finding success with a strategy built upon Americans’ love of cheese. Millennials also made the news again, with a new report on their juice consumption habits.

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