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Top 10: Nutella labels, Oreo flavors, McDonald’s delivery

Nutella, Oreo O's, McDonald's delivery test top SmartBrief's most-clicked list

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Ferrero’s experiment with Nutella labels designed by computer algorithm proved so popular in Italy that the company plans to repeat it in other countries, and a story about the product selling out in less than a month proved popular with SmartBrief’s food and beverage readers this week. The tale topped the list of most-read stories, a ranking that also included the return of Oreo O’s and the release of 16 new frozen goodies from Unilever.

Supermarket chains also made popular news this week, starting with revamped checkout lanes at Jewel-Osco designed in partnership with Mars and a new small-format store from Meijer that’s designed to fit into urban areas.

Top restaurant stories this week included an interview with Marc Malnati, who is carrying on the legacy his father started when he launched Chicago-based pizza chain Lou Malnati’s 46 years ago and a story about McDonald’s plan to expand delivery to thousands more stores this month as part of its UberEats partnership.

Read the entire most-clicked list:

  1. Nutella swiftly sells out of jars with algorithm-designed labels
  2. Oreo O’s cereal returns to shelves this month
  3. How Lou Malnati’s carries on the founder’s legacy
  4. McDonald’s to roll out delivery to 3,500 units
  5. Jewel-Osco, Mars team up to revamp checkout
  6. Off-cuts of meat can cut costs without sacrificing flavor
  7. Wegmans comes out on top in grocery survey
  8. Meijer to debut new urban format Bridge Street Market
  9. Private-equity firm to buy Joe’s Crab Shack parent
  10. Unilever to roll out 16 new frozen treats                 


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