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We’ve returned to in-person events. Here’s what we’re learning

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Is it true? Are we starting to attend industry conferences and events in person again?

Some of us have slipped right back in and have carried on with business as usual. Some of us are planning to attend that first show with a little bit of anxiety. If you’re wondering what the future of events looks like according to marketers, check out our findings here.

Our team recently attended the ASAE 2022 Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference, which provided insights into the association world. One thing was for sure: People seemed so happy to see familiar faces and friends while making new ones. Attending these types of events allows us to gain inspiration from other organizations as well as nurture new and longtime relationships with our partners. 

SmartBrief booth at the MM&C conference
Director of Strategic Partnerships Tim Welsh represented SmartBrief at the ASAE 2022 Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference. Photo credit: SmartBrief

Our team absorbed as much as we possibly could and we are sharing what we learned with you. 

DE&I is not just a buzzword. 

Many organizations are prioritizing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) and, in doing so, are able to provide accountability and consistency for this robust work. The transition of human behavior in the current social climate comes with an inclusive framework of thought leadership. By recognizing an organization’s resources, strengths and weaknesses, it will encourage new and brilliant ideas to come to fruition. 

Do you have an effective CTA? 

Effective outreach emails should have a call to action (CTA) in the subject line. For example: When sending a video, include “watch now.” Other communications can include a question in the subject line.

“Always Be Closing” 

 The “Always Be Closing” learning lab (also known as ABC) provided a best practice of analyzing and comparing data across multiple marketing campaigns and identifying potential common threads for future campaigns. Typically, this phrase is used in the sales world and implies that a salesperson should always look for new prospects, pitch products or services to those prospects, and ultimately close a sale. 

What’s your brand story? 

The “Distinguishing Your Mission & Vision Through Storytelling” keynote demonstrated the importance this tool brings to marketing, sales and customer service, creating a new level of authenticity with current consumers while attracting a new audience.

How to talk to your audience

Knowing your audience is key to understanding the value your organization can bring to a number of key stakeholders. We no longer are engaging with members vs. nonmembers, but rather a large diverse group of content consumers. This information can help increase engagement by identifying key benefits of targeted audiences that will lead to new engagement and media consumption. 

We’re packing our bags and heading to the ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition in August, and we hope to continue meeting with prospective partners and our partner community while learning more about the important topics surrounding associations. Join us for a fun in-person experience that will uncover new solutions and tools to inspire our work and relationships. Will we see you in Tennessee this summer?