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What marketers need to know about TikTok’s Interactive Add-Ons

TikTok marketing just got more interactive. Here's how the new features work, and how brands are using them to drive click-thru rates.

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TikTok marketers can now insert Interactive Add-Ons into their full-screen, sound-on In-Feed Ads as the platform seeks to help brands boost engagement with its audience, which is expected to grow to 84.9 million US users in 2022.  

The move follows Twitter’s announcement last month that it is piloting interactive formats such as Collection, Interactive Text and Product Explorer ads, as both platforms ramp up their advertising options to give brands more creative and innovative ways to build relationships with audiences.

On TikTok, marketers can use either Premium add-ons, designed to boost upper-funnel goals such as building communities and brand awareness, or Standard add-ons, which fuel lower-funnel objectives like conversions or clicks. Premium versions enable marketers to surprise users with a gesture, which encourages audience participation with ads, or showcase products via pop-out displays. 

Standard add-ons include options such as a Countdown Sticker to drive buzz and urgency, Voting Stickers to encourage audience interactivity via quizzes or polls, and Display Cards to turn calls-to-action into eye-catching, interactive visuals. 

Sour Patch Kids, which has 1.4 million TikTok followers, tested Display Cards in a TikTok campaign to tout its Custom Mix bags and achieved a click-thru rate increase of 136% compared to regular ad creative, TikTok reportsThe brand blends TikTok ads with playful organic content that has a strong, quirky brand voice – a best practice for the platform, according to SmartBrief contributor Nicole Penn.

“With the right inventiveness and knowledge, it’s possible to engage consumers meaningfully and produce lucrative campaigns,” Penn wrote. 

TikTok’s Interactive Add-Ons could give marketers an additional way to do just that.

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