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What Twitter search can do for the deadline

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Today’s guest post is written by Robert Jones, contributing editor of SmartBrief on Entrepreneurs.

Facebook figures I’m worth about $83. At least, that’s how the math works out in its recent $500 million buyout offer to Twitter – which Twitter promptly rejected. Crazy? Not if Twitter is successful in revolutionizing online search, already the most lucrative function of the Web.

Imagine being able to “push” your search term or question out to millions of users in real time, rather than simply “pulling” in information that’s already been published. Suddenly, the Internet becomes a true group mind, as opposed to a collective memory. You ask a question, you get an answer — not a list of sources. It’s organic. It’s fantastic.

As a journalist, I can think of 100 ways to use this new kind of search, and businesses will think of a million more. Forget about Web 2.0. If it works, Twitter search will be web-squared.

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