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Preparing students for Industry 4.0

There’s a deficit of qualified applicants for highly-skilled manufacturing jobs. Here’s what we can do about it.

The key to a better world? Teach empathy early

Teaching empathy in its true form can develop thoughtful students who are ready to participate in global citizenry.

3 strategies to enhance students’ language development

A speech language pathologist shares tips to support students with language-based learning disabilities and differences.

School doesn’t feel the same. How to reignite your bold passion

Educators say the enjoyment they once had for their work has diminished. A three-step formula for refueling that fire.

Supporting students on 504 plans during remote learning

How parents and educators can make sure their students with 504 plans receive the accommodations they need.

Schools and the state of K-12 mental health conditions

With 49% of all K-12 students requiring some level of mental health support, it’s important to gain a better understanding of some of the most common conditions they may face.

A moment of crisis and opportunity in education

Whatever comes next in education should not be what wasn’t working before. Current Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan weigh in on what it could -- and should! -- look like.

5 things to look for in school board management software

Here are five things that all school boards should factor into the board management software selection process.

Helping parents move from ‘Not a math person’ to their child’s first math teacher

The keys to helping families overcome math anxiety about supporting their students are the same as helping students overcome math anxiety: Model a growth mindset and embrace multiple approaches to problem-solving.

Progress, not perfection

It’s not perfection that we should pursue, but the processes that move learning forward -- and help us help others.

Think a college degree is enough? Here's why peers and alumni can make all the difference

An emerging group of education entrepreneurs are building pathways to help historically underserved college grads get better jobs. One unlikely common denominator: building near-peer social capital.

School library design and the coronavirus pandemic

As schools cautiously reopen the doors of their physical buildings, minimizing risk from the coronavirus to students and staff is top priority and that includes the library.

Mr. Koga’s RadLabs and other adventures in STEM

How teachers are pulling out the stops (and blond mullet wigs) and getting creative to make STEM learning stick.

University leaders paint picture of COVID-19’s impact on staffing nationally

The coronavirus pandemic is changing higher education. Here's what college presidents and other leaders are doing to adjust staffing for COVID-19.

5 ways student safety platforms promote digital citizenship

Here are five ways that student safety platform helps develop good global citizens in today’s educational environment.