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Dyslexia education in the age of COVID-19

These three best practices will help educators teach students with dyslexia amid the current school closures.

Tips and tricks for teaching virtual robotics

Robotics is traditionally a hands-on subject - but one teacher explains how he has taken advantage of distance learning to keep engaging his middle school students.

Why educational leadership requires growth and change

Tracie Brown is among LinkedIn’s Top Voices in Education, an assistant superintendent and founder of FSLN. We spoke with her about leadership in education.

3 keys for leading through crisis

Remote learning is over for now but new challenges await as we approach fall. Three keys to help you guide your teams to success.

Continuity of our education community

Friday game days. Surprise Zoom gatherings. Handwritten birthday cards. Ideas for staying connected, even from a distance.

Remote social-emotional support is critical for teachers

An instructional coach uses a variety of technology tools to maintain a human connection among teachers.

Fighting education inequality with empathy, opportunity

Dr. Nadia Lopez is a middle school principal in one of the most underserved and violent neighborhoods in NYC. We spoke with her about education inequality.

Distance learning while respecting students' home lives 

Right now school work must take place at home, so it is the job of educators to figure out the best way to both reach and teach students while respecting their home lives.

5 pragmatic practices for educator self-care

Before educators can support students, they have to nurture themselves.

Emergent bilingual students: Shifting to an asset model of instruction

The idea that students who don’t speak English “come with a deficit” is deeply ingrained in our schools. How to shift that -- and improve outcomes -- with an asset model of instruction.

Going beyond the rules -- for the common good

Schools have traditionally used a rule-consequence approach to manage student behavior. Is it time to rethink this model?

How skill, will and thrill converge to help shape successful readers

Using a model that tackles reading challenges from three different angles, teachers whether at home or in the classroom can help grow more successful readers at all educational levels.

Teaching entrepreneurship with Google Cloud during COVID-19

These Texas students launched businesses amid the pandemic. See how they did it.

How esports can help students grow

A student gamer loses sight of his academic discipline and focus -- esports helps bring him back.

What the coronavirus is revealing to parents about edtech

Parents are more invested than ever in what their children are learning out of pure necessity. So, how can edtech providers make the most of this moment in time to improve their own offerings?