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Should we care if we dream or we envision? Yes.


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Public speaking

Instead of endless New Year's resolutions, try doing one thing better. Here's how to apply that to presentations and public speaking.

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Goal planning

SMART goals can work, but they need to be specific for individuals.

3 recruitment marketing trends that will dominate 2019

Want to be successful at hiring in 2019? Make these three trends your top priority.

The power of humility

Here’s a look at why humility matters, how to identify workers with this critical trait and how to cultivate it in your organization.


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Leaders play a big role in whether their employees become independent thinkers.

Habits and resolutions

How can we build better habits and create the change we want to see?

Do you tend to do things right the first time or act now and fix later?

Career growth

Want to advance your career? Here's how you can improve your communication, develop new skills and take the initiative.

Mountain climber

How will you respond to difficult organizational challenges? Will you let it be, leave or take necessary action?