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Andy’s Answers: How Bacon Salt created fantastic WOM

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Bacon Salt is one of our favorite companies at GasPedal. Not only do they make delicious products, but the company is also a great case study on how to create amazing word of mouth without a big budget. Instead of elaborate campaigns and loads of money, the company that makes everything taste like bacon used social media to connect with a bunch of new fans.

How Bacon Salt did it:

  • They found their talkers. They searched social networks for anyone who publicly claimed they loved bacon (37,000 on MySpace alone). These are the people they originally reached out to and shared their new product with.
  • They’re active in all the key places. Smart marketers know they can’t be everywhere, but instead focus on where lots of their fans are. Bacon Salt has a great blog, an active Twitter account, and a bunch of videos on YouTube.
  • They made their story really easy to share. Every page of Bacon Salt’s Web site has links to quickly share the page with a bunch of social networks.