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Andy’s Answers: How to create content people love to share

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We’re interviewing a bunch of brilliant word of mouth marketers as previews for Word of Mouth Supergenius conference in Chicago on Dec. 16.

In this interview, Blendtec’s George Wright — the creator of Will It Blend, one the most successful online video series ever — shares tips on how to create a viral video based on the halftime show he’ll be presenting:

  • Think integrity and honesty. Everything you see in a Blendtec video is real — down to host Tom Dickson, who’s the company’s founder..
  • Think objectives first, tactics second. Avoid getting lost in budgets, tools, and tactics in the early planning phases. Instead, focus on the objectives and the results you’re seeking.
  • Think of what you love to share. When creating something you hope people will share, George recommends considering your own threshold. Ask yourself, “If I received this, is there enough value here that I would be willing to share it with my contacts?”