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Andy’s Answers: How to deal with the crazy, nutso bloggers

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It’s one thing to deal with reasonable complaints online — everybody goofs, and the great companies find ways to earn the respect and recommendation of former critics. But it’s another thing to deal with wacko, unfounded defamation from a professional hater.

What to do:

  • Realize it’s crazy. And take comfort in knowing that the vast majority of your fans and potential customers are sane, reasonable folks that can recognize crazy as well.
  • Determine if it’s worth a response. Sometimes, it’s best to avoid legitimizing the really crazy stuff with a response. Other times a single, level-headed explanation of your side of the argument is enough.
  • Thank a fan. Instead of blowing up, getting flustered, and getting in an online fisticuffs, find therapy by using the energy to say thanks to a deserving fan.