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Andy’s Answers: How word of mouth will save your brand

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Marketing Strategy

Word-of-mouth marketing is more than a marketing tactic — it’s a fundamental philosophy that changes businesses forever.

When you earn customers for free through recommendations and referrals from raving fans, you can always beat someone who pays for it. Becoming great at this gives you a recession-proof competitive advantage that will carry you through good times and bad.

At our last word-of-mouth event, I talked about how earning love from customers can save your brand.

A few of my ideas:

  • Your brand isn’t what you say; it’s what other people say about you. Advertising might open the door — it might create awareness –- but that only drives people to your word of mouth: their friends, Google and online reviews. If your word of mouth isn’t fantastic, no amount of advertising will compensate for that.
  • There’s love for everyone. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you sell or what industry you’re in -– you can earn love and word of mouth. It works for duct tape, it works for Skittles and it works for ketchup.
  • Would anybody tell a friend? This is the ultimate question. It challenges you to be wonderful. It’s the difference between interesting and invisible. Ask it about every product you make, every ad you run and every story you tell.

Watch my presentation.

P.S. If this sounds like how you think about marketing, you should be at the Word of Mouth Crash Course.