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Andy’s Answers: Which types of content do fans love to share?

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If you’ve created anything at all and put it out into the world, you know that some things are fundamentally more sharable, exciting and interesting for your talkers than others.

And while it’s different for every brand and every group of talkers, there are a few core forms of content that fans typically love to share.

What you should try:

  • Content about them. If there’s one thing people love to talk about — online or off — it’s themselves. Try initiatives such as group projects, featuring customers’ work, or posting photos or interviews of your fans.
  • Exclusive content. If everyone knows it, there’s no reason to talk about it. But content that nobody has seen yet — new products, sneak previews or insider news — has natural viral potential. We love being the first to tell our friends about this stuff.
  • Fun stuff. It’s hard to talk about serious business all of the time. That’s the reason goofy, off-topic and funny content can be such a powerful word-of-mouth tool. Try simple stuff such as photos that show employees’ personality, hiding a few Easter eggs in your products, celebrating an obscure holiday or doing a wacky stunt.