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Andy’s Answers: Why audiences are assets

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Some of the best marketing advice author Jeff Rohrs ever received was from legendary rock musician Bruce Springsteen: “Audience is not brought to you or given to you; it’s something that you fight for.”

Jeff elaborates on this idea in his book, “AUDIENCE.” He believes that Facebook fans, Twitter followers and e-mail subscribers are among the most important assets a company can have. Marketing just isn’t effective without an engaged customer base.

In his presentation at’s Brands-Only Summit, Jeff discusses the importance of investing time and resources into audience development.

Here are three key takeaways:

  • No audience is owned. In social media, people can unfollow, unlike and unsubscribe any time. Jeff says it’s the company’s job to keep customers invested.
  • Grow the right kind of audience. Everybody likes a big crowd. But marketing is about more than just numbers. While purchasing fake fans and followers makes a brand seem popular, it won’t actually create any meaningful engagement.
  • Prime the pump. Warm up acts aren’t just for comedians. Jeff encourages companies to use social media to capture audience attention before product or service launches.

For more details, check out Jeff’s full presentation in the video below.

Download his slide presentation.

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