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Buzz2009: Social Media for Associations

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Social Media

Know anyone in the association or non-profit world?

On Thursday, July 9, SmartBrief will host an event in downtown D.C. for industry trade groups eager to incorporate social media and word-of-mouth tactics into their overall strategy. This one-day summit explores the measurable impact of the social Web on the business needs of associations and non-profits.

Organized by SmartBrief and SocialFish, Buzz2009: Social Media for Associations offers association execs the opportunity to meet some of the biggest names in social media, including Apple visionary, author and Twitter super-user Guy Kawasaki, Word of Mouth Marketing Association founder Andy Sernovitz and Return Path e-mail goddess Stephanie Miller.

Why organize an event exclusively for trade groups?  Besides SmartBrief on Social Media, we at SmartBrief, publish 100+ daily e-mail newsletters in partnership with industry associations (e.g. IAB SmartBrief, NRF SmartBrief CEA SmatBrief — you get the idea). Because community-based advocacy groups are a natural fit for social media, our association partners have embraced the innovations we’ve pioneered in SmartBrief on Social Media.

Buzz2009 is the only event that ties cutting-edge social media concepts and practices to the challenges of association management.

At Buzz2009, association professionals will learn how to use social media to:

  • Recruit more members.
  • Energize events.
  • Activate community online.
  • Reinvent publishing with online content models.
  • Engage volunteers by leveraging social capital.
  • Raise money through social fundraising and micro-donations.
  • Connect grass-roots advocacy efforts with public conversations online.

If you know any association execs who might benefit from these social media insights, please direct them to to learn more and register.