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Latest Dove campaign aligns with brand’s values

Dove's latest campaign focuses on self esteem and social media, issues that align with the brand's values.

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Dove launched a new campaign today to encourage teenage girls to cull their social media feeds with an eye toward how beauty content makes them feel.

The #DetoxYourFeed campaign is the latest in a longstanding commitment by Dove to dispel beauty myths and address ways that society shapes body image and self esteem. The brand’s work on these social issues demonstrates how values-based marketing can foster deeper connection with consumers.

Dove said the goal of the campaign is to raise awareness about how social media affects self esteem and help parents talk to their children about it.

In addition to a short film featuring moms and daughters discussing the topic, Dove released a workbook and parent guide to help families navigate that conversation and will host a live virtual event on May 12 with a psychotherapist on the topic.

Dove also released the following statistics through research with Edelman DXI:

  • About two-thirds of teenage girls spend more time on social media than they do with friends in real life.
  • Half of teenage girls say “idealized beauty content” leads to low self-esteem.
  • After unfollowing that type of content, 70% of the girls said they felt better.

“We hope [the campaign] will contribute to important conversations that lead to a more positive experience for teens on social media,” Leandro Barreto, Dove’s global vice president, said in a statement.

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