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Live at TWTRCON ’09: Twitter and recruiting

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Jessica Lee of APCO Worldwide and Kerry Noone just finished an excellent, whirlwind presentation at TWTRCON DC of how to use Twitter to attract and hire the best talent. Here’s a roundup of their advice:

Employment branding

  • Use Twitter to audit your brand. What are people saying about your organization?
  • Twitter is a good way to improve the candidate experience.
  • Show people why your organization is a great place to work.
  • Since Twitter is an informal place, you can put more fun personal stuff on there (about your softball team, orientation program, RT new hires who tweet about their new job. )
  • Use it to tell your story.

Candidate engagement/relationship building

  • DO participate in the conversation.
  • Get HR out of the resume black hole — lose the auto-response approach.
  • Tweet to welcome new people to your company and let them know what life is like here.
  • Be careful but not scared to try new things.

Find and source candidates

  • Twitter is great for driving traffic to job postings. People retweet interesting openings. This delivers resumes.
  • Use strategic hashtags on your job postings so candidates will see what you’re looking for. #whatido, #jobseeker, #jobangels are three great groups that qualified candidates are dialed into.
  • To actively identify the right prospects, try tools like Twitwall and Twello to search for specific keywords in individuals’ Twitter bios.
  • Monitor traffic Twitter is driving to your Web site.
  • Track the quality of real conversations with real candidates.