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Sprite and M&M’s: How brands connect through music

Sprite and M&M’s are among brands collaborating with music artists.

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Music has always had a role to play in brand marketing and that role has only grown as digital audio and social platforms, particularly TikTok, have given fans new ways to connect and marketers more opportunities to reach them. Some brands are carving out a role within the music industry itself by partnering with music artists. We take a look at two such collaborations,   announced by Sprite and M&M’s.

Sprite launches global Limelight music platform

Sprite Limelight
Image credit: Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola announced a global Sprite Limelight music platform, part of the brand’s “Heat Happens” campaign.

The initiative includes a lyric and hook created by Grammy-winning music producer James Blake centered around dealing with life’s “heat.” That hook is then interpreted in three original tracks from US rapper Coi Leray, Chinese singer Hua Chenyu and Nigerian singer/songwriter Omah Lay.

Original songs and curated playlists from each artist are available on Spotify with documentary-style YouTube videos telling their stories and introducing the new music platform.

The platform “offers a window into the way they make music, as well as their own personal experiences — connected to our core brand philosophy — of staying cool in those moments when life’s heat feels intense,” said Shrenik Dasani, global brand director of Sprite.

M&M’s collaborates with Lil Nas X

M&Ms and Lil Nas
Image credit: M&M’s/Twitter

M&M’s teased a new brand collaboration with rapper Lil Nas X via Twitter that will include initiatives rolling out later this year to create connections with music fans.

The collaboration is the latest in M&M’s ventures into music, Billboard reports, such as its recreation of album artwork for artists including David Bowie, H.E.R., Kacey Musgraves and Rosalia.

The brand also recently created a custom lounge for NBC Universal’s “American Song Contest” and will engage with fans at music festivals during the summer, giving those at home the chance to join the fun via the M&M’s digital music lounge, per Billboard.

“Music is one of the most powerful tools to bring people together,” said Allison Miazga-Bedrick, senior brand director at Mars Wrigley. “Like our iconic M&M’s brand, music sparks nostalgia, memories, and fun.”

What can marketers learn?

Many brands won’t have the budget for collaborations with music artists but there are still plenty of ways marketers can use music to create emotional connections with consumers.

The clever use of music within ads can inspire nostalgia and evoke emotion. A recent example is this 30-second spot for the LG CordZero vacuum cleaner, which uses Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight” to showcase its dust-battling prowess.

A recent Spotify study showed that music played in stores not only increases customer loyalty and makes shoppers feel connected to the brand, but also incentivizes purchases.

“This research reinforces how much audio impacts people’s experiences,” said Spotify’s Rochelle Sanchirico.

Whether it’s in stores, in a TV ad, or via social and digital platforms, marketers should consider how and when moments with consumers can be uplifted by the right use of music.

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