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Tales of kombucha and cupcakes ranked high with readers this week

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SmartBrief readers showed eclectic tastes in food and beverage stories heading into the new year, favoring tales about healthy trends, quickservice value meals, executive moves and cupcakes.

The creation of Sonoma Brands, a new venture from Krave Pure Foods founder Jon Sebastiani that aims to develop innovative food and beverage products, was the most-read story over the past week, and other healthy dining stories including one about “clean” diet trends and another about the popularity of kombucha ranked high.

On the  more indulgent side, readers ate up the news that Hostess will go bigger with its Valentine’s Day CupCake offerings, debuting new flavors including Dark Chocolate Raspberry and Chocolate Covered Strawberry. Readers also took an interest in Yum Brands’ Chairman David Novak’s retirement plans and Burger King’s newest value meal offering.

See the entire top 10 list below:

  1. Krave founder launches food and beverage incubator
  2. General Mills uses small-business strategies to compete in snack category
  3. Report: Clean diets, health tracking will be top trends in 2016
  4. Kombucha business is booming
  5. Hostess unveils new Valentine’s Day CupCake flavors
  6. David Novak to leave Yum Brands after nearly 3 decades
  7. Burger King brings its new value meal to the table
  8. Harris Teeter readies for its largest store opening
  9. Starbucks map shows demand for diverse holiday drinks
  10. Hong Kong McDonald’s tries out an upscale look



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