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Top 10: Product rebranding and a cashierless Walmart

Readers were interested in stories about a product rebrand from Quaker Oats and a cashierless Walmart store.

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Top 10: Product rebranding and a cashierless Walmart


Recipes and news headlines from SmartBrief’s newest weekly brief, The Friday Feed, dominated this week’s most-clicked list. The newsletter is produced in conjunction with The Culinary Institute of America and is geared toward food enthusiasts of all stripes. We posed an important question in the inaugural issue: How soon will you return to dining in at restaurants? Check out the poll results and subscribe now.

Top B2B stories included a move by Quaker Oats to rebrand its Aunt Jemima products in an effort to eliminate branding based on a racial stereotype. The Aunt Jemima image and name will be phased out by the end of the year, with the line’s new name and redesign to follow. In another move to improve racial equality, Johnson & Johnson’s Band-Aid brand will launch bandages in a range of skin shades, including light, medium and deep shades of brown and black.

The second most-clicked story this week was news that Walmart has converted one of its Fayetteville, Ark., locations into a cashierless store with only self-checkout counters. The retailer said it is trying the new approach to see if it makes the process faster and safer for shoppers. Also in food retail news, UNFI’s plans to spin off Shoppers and Cub Foods ranked highly with readers.

Restaurant-focused readers clicked on news detailing future plans for Brio and Bravo. The names of the restaurant chains will be tweaked and old menu items will be revived, according to Planet Hollywood founder and Earl Enterprises Chairman Robert Earl. Also of interest was a report about pandemic-related risks for indie eateries, including the statistic that up to 85% of independent restaurants in the US could close by the end of the year.

Check out the full Top 10:

  1. Quaker Oats to rebrand Aunt Jemima products 
  2. Walmart testing store without cashiers 
  3. Nassau Candy buys Pennsylvania Dutch assets 
  4. UNFI plans to spin off Cub Foods and Shoppers 
  5. Unilever to consolidate dual corporate structure 
  6. Robert Earl details plans for Brio, Bravo brands 
  7. Report details the risks for indie eateries 
  8. Schools face challenges planning student meals 
  9. Nestle debuts candy product without single-use plastic 
  10. J&J announces diverse shades for Band-Aid

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