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What social media marketers are discussing this month

Instagram and AI are among the hot topics being discussed at industry events this month.

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Executives at SocialFlow, a social media publishing and optimization platform for media company content, sat down to discuss what they’ve been saying and hearing at recent conferences.

Here are the key takeaways: Instagram is a hot topic inside many media companies, as brands see outsized engagement despite publishing only 1/10 the volume of content they post to Facebook and Twitter. This would suggest an increase in the quantity of content going to the platform, but Instagram continues to be very strict about how that actually happens: It generally must be done from a mobile device, and can’t be done using third-party publishing tools. That limits its scale potential.

Monetization of Instagram is still a big concern as well, since Instagram doesn’t generally drive “click” traffic back to their sites the way that Facebook and Twitter posts do. This means media companies have to be smarter about branded content and sponsored editorial integrations to fuel continued success on the platform.

Artificial intelligence is also a big topic, and SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson offered a plea to keep the “human element” front and center as people rush to embrace AI.

Watch the video for more insights from the SocialFlow team:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngideSM9WOQ align:left]


Mark White is the director of media strategy and communications at SocialFlow. He has 20 year of experience as a TV news producer in both business and general news, including stints at CNN, Reuters TV, Bloomberg, HLN and Fox. Mark helps startups with traditional and social media strategy and online distribution.