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When you get stressed out, how do you deal with it?

The most recent SmartBrief on Leadership poll question: When you get stressed out, how do you deal with it?

4 tips for succeeding as a new sales manager

Being great at sales is not the same as being a great sales manager. Mark Thacker learned this tthe hard way, and he shares advice to help you make the transition.

Adding gratitude to your leadership

Be grateful, and show that gratitude. The cost of ignoring gratitude can be high: dissatisfaction with work, disaffection from the boss and disengagement from the culture.

Women know what they need to achieve career success

What needs to happen for a workplace that's primed to better support women?

Sustaining for maximal productivity

You've started better, more productive practices and habits. How do you sustain this growth and continue to work smarter?

Diving below the diversity surface for business transformation
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Businesses that understand the true depth of diversity that encompasses identity, social status, skill sets and more will see greater success assembling and benefitting from diverse leadership teams.

Get started with a minimum viable brand

You might know minimum viable product, but did you know there's a concept called minimum viable branding, too?

Managers, here's your guide to effective feedback

Feedback takes work and preparation. Here's a guide for managers to be better leaders and listeners.

FAQ: Human resources and mental health accommodations

What questions about mental health should you be asking in an interview? Here are mental health/illness FAQs for job candidates and HR departments.

Learn from TEDx talks for your next business presentation

Even if you never deliver a TED or TEDx talk, there are lessons to learn about public speaking and presenting your ideas effectively.

Are you leading the culture of your organization, or is culture leading you?

How can you avoid passive or aggressive norms and pursue a constructive culture?

Don’t follow the herd

How to learn from authority figures without losing yourself.

Leadership by fools

The failure of Brandless shouldn't obscure the larger strategy lesson: If you’re going to do something groundbreaking, you must be willing to at first be thought a fool.

Why these 5 actions are crucial to social media in HR

Are you getting the most out of using social media in HR? Here are 5 crucial actions to boost your HR strategy.

3 more communication tips to implement today

Communication is key, yet we often don't do enough to ensure our messages are heard and understood. Here are three tips for fixing that.