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Target's CEO on navigating crisis in 2020

How has Target cared for employees, customers and communities during the pandemic and responded forcefully to racial inequality? Target CEO Brian Cornell recently talked about leading the company through crisis.

When someone on your team pesters you to get something low priority completed, how do you react?

The latest SmartBrief on Leadership poll: When someone on your team pesters you to get something low priority completed, how do you react?

Listen and learn from employees with well-written feedback surveys

Regular employee surveys, with questions that reflect values and behaviors, can help companies understand their culture and what needs to be addressed.

Excellence in customer service in the new normal

The pandemic has only highlighted the importance of customer service. To step up your service, you need to know how you fare against the competition.

What does the TikTok uprising at your company look like?

As leaders attempt to grasp the changing landscape and address issues of racism and inequality, here are some things those leaders should not be doing.

A leader's chief responsibility: Hold yourself accountable

Leaders need to hold themselves accountable. Sometimes, that means apologizing and rectifying the situation. Sometimes it means their departure.

How a global pandemic is changing the world: Part 1
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Edie Weiner, President and CEO of the leading futurist consulting firm The Future Hunters, shares the three pathways to worldwide progress and what they will mean globally in the coming years in a post-coronavirus world.

Are you causing someone to lose face?

Most of us don’t set out to cause others to lose face — a lack of awareness is usually to blame. Here are 3 ways to avoid this problem.

How businesses can repair the chasm created by racism

Companies are scrambling to fix racial injustices and inequities. But to become anti-racist requires hard work, an awareness of microaggressions, and buy-in from leadership, among other steps.

Why the best leaders know how to be vulnerable

Vulnerability is one important way leaders build trust with other people. Courage and values are required to be vulnerable in an effective way.

3 overlooked business expenses you should cut right now

The pandemic is forcing tough budget decisions for small businesses. Here are 3 business expenses you should look at cutting.

How does your company handle times of extreme challenge?

The most recent SmartBrief on Leadership poll: How does your company handle times of extreme challenge?

The status quo is over

Leadership cannot pine for the status quo, not when the coronavirus pandemic has upturned our world and social unrest has revealed inequities and injustics. Are you prepared to lead into the new and unknown?

How Fauci exemplifies executive presence

Dr. Anthony Fauci has become famous as a public face of the government response to the coronavirus pandemic. Here's why he emodies executive presence, and what that matters for you.

Remote relationships 101: Coasting will only get you so far

The longer we work remotely because of coronavirus, the harder it is to maintain relationships. But there's hope! Read on.