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Andy’s Answers: 3 key types of content people love to share

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Creating great, buzzworthy content over the long haul is hard work. It’s a marathon of trial-and-error experiments.

But it’s worth it. Developing a great content strategy will help you earn the permission of your fans and customers — a privilege you can use to communicate with them forever, for free.

If you’re just starting out or if you’re just looking to inject some new life into yours, consider these classic content types that people always love to share:

  • Go behind the scenes: Social media has given companies a huge opportunity to show more people than ever a unique side of their business — their personal side. And it’s the kind of stuff people love to talk about. Try featuring something unique about your company culture, sharing a video of one of your processes, or ask an employee to do a quick interview. Fans love to see this human side.
  • Ask your fans: Who better to know what kinds of content your fans want to share than your fans themselves? So go ahead and ask them what they’d like to see. MINI does it by asking their Facebook fans what their dream MINI would look like and then creating and posting an image of the car they request. That’s a great way to get your fans to keep checking back to see if their ideas were chosen (plus, it earns great customer feedback for their stuff.)
  • Make it fun: Social media is a great place to share the stuff that makes people laugh and makes your brand more human. But it’s not just for fun brands like Oreo and Kit Kat. GE made their technology cool by making “Hey Girl” memes of their famous founder, Thomas Edison, and pinning them on their Pinterest board — proof that your stuff is never too serious to have a little fun in social media.

What social media content has been working great for you?