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Andy’s Answers: The 3 reasons people talk about you

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Marketing Strategy

Being a great word-of-mouth marketer requires an understanding of the basics that motivate people to talk.

Before you start worrying about fancy tools or big campaigns, study the basic human emotions involved in word-of-mouth. All the conversations, buzz, viral sensations, recommendations and referrals boil down to these fundamentals:

  • The “You” reason. The “You” reason people talk is all about the goods — you’re doing or selling something and people want to talk about it. It’s about creating or doing something remarkable, and it’s where all word-of-mouth starts.
  • The “Me” reason. This one’s about that feeling of being smart, important or helpful we get when we offer a recommendation or pass something along.
  • The “Us” reason. As humans, we love the feeling of being connected to something bigger than ourselves. When we have a feeling of group recognition — that we’re a part of a cause or mission — we’re much more likely to tell our friends.