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Customer centricity: What is it really and how do you get it?

What does it mean to be customer-centric?

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Customer centricity

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Many companies are trying to become customer-centric because customer centricity has been shown to lower customer acquisition costs, generate customer loyalty and increase the financial value of a firm.  But what does customer-centricity really mean and how do you develop it?

Customer centricity isn’t simply about offering excellent customer service or abiding by the rule “the customer is always right.”  It’s about identifying your most valuable customers and then organizing and operating around them.

And if you want to successfully implement a customer-centric operating model, then you must cultivate a culture that embraces a customer-centric mindset and values. In this video for SmartBrief, I share three ways to cultivate a customer-centric organizational culture — and share examples from companies that are doing it right.

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