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Name the SmartBrief iPhone app

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SmartBrief is made for business leaders who don’t have time to read everything. Our new iPhone app takes the SmartBrief brand promise to a new level, delivering customizable, need-to-know news to professionals on the go.

The SmartBrief iPhone app — now in Beta — may not be as groundbreaking as the Harmonica or BubbleWrap iPhone applications, but it does boil down the best industry news to its essence and serves it up fast. Best of all, it makes it even easier for you to share content handpicked by SmartBrief with your Twitter followers, Facebook friends and LinkedIn network. Nothing like looking smart when you’re on the fly!

For those with iTunes installed, check out the new SmartBrief app here. Or, watch the video below.


Cool, right?  The only trouble is that we can’t decide what to name our new baby. So we’re asking you to help.

Post your best ideas for what to name our new iPhone app in the comments below. We’re not Netflix, so there’s no $1 million prize involved, but you will get a chance at immortality, fame and (a little) glory as we celebrate the winner on this blog, on Twitter and in the SmartBrief on Social Media newsletter — which in total reach about 50,000 people each day.

The rules:

  • All submissions should be posted as comments to this blog post. (Names submitted by e-mail, Twitter or carrier pigeon will be disregarded.)
  • Try and keep the name to 20 characters or so. Extra points for brevity.
  • You can enter as many times as you like, just make each one count.
  • In the event that more than one person submits the winning name, the person who made the submission first will be the winner.
  • Our selection criteria will be entirely subjective, and we’ll be tapping members of our awesome SmartBrief Social Media Advisory Board to help us pick the winner.
  • The contest is open until midnight on Oct. 8.

UPDATE: Time is up– and we’re no longer accepting submissions. We’re extremely humbled by all the clever and creative suggestions that came pouring in. So if you haven’t, download the app and we’ll be back in touch with a winner…and a new name!