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Name the SmartBrief iPhone App: And the winner is…

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The results are in. From the 2,000+ submissions ranging from “SmartyPants” to “Nutshell” to “Boxers or Briefs”, we ended up with a clear winner: SmartBrief.

That’s right. While it may seem like an anti-climax to some, the results were as clear as can be and we were thrilled to hear it. The winner of the contest, Cindy Davis, Principal and Editor in Chief of Custom CE Communications, was the first to argue on behalf of the SmartBrief brand on this very blog.

Cindy’s comments:


It’s a good name: You own it; you already have 3 million people that know it; Smart and Brief already says everything. Loved the demo. Can’t wait to get it.”

Hard to argue with that. In order to choose the winner, we calculated the totals, passed the top 20 along (without bias) to the SmartBrief on Social Media Advisory Board for a final decision. Thinking we might have to flip a coin to get the winner, the selection was obvious. Like our readers, the board overwhelmingly selected the name SmartBrief. Game. Set. Match.

Congratulations again to Cindy-who received a $100 iTunes gift card for her timely submission.

Now that we have the name and some excellent input from our readers, we’re working on improving the app, and looking to what’s next. Thanks again to all that participated-and we’ll keep you posted on our progress.

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