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Why using CTV to extend ad reach for the Super Bowl is a smart play

Here’s why CTV is a cost-effective way for advertisers of all sizes to reach their audiences during and after the Super Bowl.

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The Super Bowl has always been one of the most important events of the year for brands to advertise and reach viewers because of the mass viewership it brings.  Because of this reach and hype surrounding the event, ad spots come at a hefty price tag – a record-breaking $7 million for a 30-second spot. Only legacy brands or those with large budgets are able to afford prime time spots, as well as the production costs for creating the ad. 

With such large investments, it’s important that brands treat their Super Bowl ads as more than a one-and-done experience. By continuing to advertise after the game, brands can help sustain the momentum generated during the Super Bowl and keep their message top-of-mind with viewers. 

For brands who are tightening spend or lacking the multimillion-dollar budgets to purchase a Super Bowl spot, connected TV (CTV) and digital advertising post-game provide an opportunity to capitalize on the excitement around the event while maximizing the impact of your media dollars. 

Whether you’re a big brand looking to extend your Super Bowl ad’s momentum or a smaller brand wanting to get in on the action around the event and reach valuable audiences, here’s how CTV and digital advertising can amplify your story and leave an impression on consumers – beyond the big game. 

CTV during & post- Super Bowl

Not everyone will be watching the Super Bowl on Fox through linear TV and some people may not be interested in watching it live at all. How can advertisers still reach these audiences? 

On CTV, brands can reach viewers who may have missed the live broadcast but are still interested in catching the highlights to participate in the office chatter on Monday. With consumers switching from linear TV to streaming services at a high rate, brands need to embrace the many benefits that CTV advertising offers – especially when it comes to maximizing impact around a tentpole event like the Super Bowl. 

Here are some of the biggest benefits that come with CTV advertising around the game:

Cost efficiency: Can’t afford the big-ticket commercial spots? Most cannot. Small- to mid-sized brands can leverage CTV to reach a more targeted audience with their ad, at a fraction of the cost. Maximize your marketing dollars while knowing that your advertising will drive measurable (more on this later) real-world outcomes.  

Personalized ads: Consumers want their ads personalized because it makes them feel that their needs and wants are being taken into consideration. When messages are tailored to the individual’s preferences and interests, this provides them with a more relevant experience and a deeper connection to the brand. Whether you’re trying to reach sports enthusiasts or casual fans, personalized CTV ads make viewers more likely to pay attention and take action.

Audience targeting: After the Big Game, it’s important to follow up with targeted ads. CTV is a great medium for brands to tap into because users are watching their favorite shows and movies on demand — anytime, anywhere. CTV advertising allows you to target ads based on the content being watched, so it can be much more targeted to your ideal customer and their mindset during the time of delivery.

Additionally, advertisers should use data-driven targeting to reach viewers who have shown interest in their Super Bowl ads and who have taken action. For example: searching for more info about a brand or product after ad exposure.

Interactivity: While the CTV-watching experience for a viewer can feel similar to watching linear TV, it can become more of an engaging, lean-in experience when interactivity is introduced. For example, including a QR code on your CTV ad enables viewers to scan and explore your brand further on their mobile devices.

Another digital strategy to extend your TV ad messaging is to deliver the same TV ad, housed within an interactive video ad format, to all mobile and desktop devices within a household. Consumers in that household will then be able to learn more about your brand by engaging with the interactive features (for example: product gallery, store locator, information tab.)

Performance measurement: Digital advertising can not only measure who is engaging and/or converting, but can also teach you more about consumers preferences, behaviors, and motivations. This can set your marketing team up for future success across your campaigns and strategies.

After Rihanna’s halftime show and the winning team proclaims they are “going to Disney World,” CTV is an effective way for brands to extend the life of the high-value ad that filled that expensive slot.

It also is an optimal channel for brands of all sizes to associate their products and services with Super Bowl-adjacent content in a more cost-effective way. 

Overall, CTV offers a more flexible and immersive viewing experience that combines the best of traditional television with the convenience and interactivity of the internet. 


As Lead of Industry Solutions – Consumer Goods, Britt Feizulov works with’s consumer goods vertical team to develop strategic CTV and digital advertising solutions for CPG brands. Prior to joining (formerly Exponential), Britt worked as a senior media strategist at Federated Media (A Media General company) and as an integrated planner at an adtech startup, Collective. Britt earned her B.A. in Marketing Communications from Columbia College Chicago.

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