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Email message

For marketers, the continued relevance of email is self-evident.

"Walk the walk" for a new path to purchase

It’s ironic that these days while mapping is as easy as a tap on a mobile device, marketers cannot easily follow the consumer’s path to purchase.

SCOUT's Social Bark

The big news in social media this month was the debut of Instagram's Stories feature.

Stock exchange

Use a "bucket strategy" to keep enough marketing cash on hand.

Journalist and photographer

Journalists are often influencers on social platforms, and their roles fall into five distinct categories that are worth understanding and targeting.

Stock exchange

A marketing strategy, like a diversified investment portfolio, must have a 360-degree approach.

Content is king

Content specialist Liz Hester shares her recommendations for capitalizing on that engaging content and avoiding common pitfalls.

Using video for storytelling

Video marketers can trigger emotional responses with storytelling.

Content creation and digital marketing at NRF

Find out how creating and distributing original content plays into NRF's engagement with their members and the retailer industry as a whole.

We are Legion

More women are starting their own businesses, but female business owners still remain a rare breed.


View your marketing portfolio like your investment portfolio for greater diversification, lower risk and higher yields.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook made a series of modifications to the desktop version of Pages. Here's a recap of the modifications made.

British Library Collections Animation

Evelyn Timson outlines the benefits and power of using animation to build a strong and enduring brand identity, on and offline.

Frog in water

Account managers have become nothing more than client “butlers” waiting for the next request, the next SOW change, the next task order and watched their role become little more than saying, “Yeah, we can do that for you.”