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Mojave Desert woodrat eats toxic plant with help from microbes


  • National Geographic News (free registration)

Desert woodrats in the Mojave Desert can digest toxic resin on creosote bush leaves with the help of microbes in their stomachs, according to research published in Ecology Letters. Scientists fed the … Read More

Calif. district's job-embedded PD prepares teachers for technology


  • San Diego Union-Tribune

A California school district is helping teachers learn to use technology to facilitate blended learning through a job-embedded professional development program. The four-week training, which was volun… Read More

School for students with behavioral challenges offers weekly therapy


  • San Diego Union-Tribune

A school in California is helping students with behavioral challenges who struggled in their home schools. It offers weekly counseling sessions with one of seven licensed therapists, and lessons are t… Read More

Tips for making a video job interview less stressful


  • Bloomberg Businessweek

College graduates may be tech-savvy, but many still need practice before a video job interview, according to the experts interviewed for this article. Candidates should still dress sharply, be aware o… Read More