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How technology is being used to save endangered languages


  • National Geographic News (free registration)

UNESCO predicts that without intervention approximately half of the more than 6,000 languages spoken today could be extinct by the end of the century. Data show 60 of Mexico's native languages are end… Read More

Maine lawmakers seek to slow expansion of virtual charter schools


  • Bangor Daily News (Maine) (free registration)

The House of Representatives in Maine has passed legislation that would put a moratorium on virtual public-charter schools. The bill, which now heads to the Senate for a vote, would slow down the expa… Read More

Researchers study link between autism, mitochondrial disease


  • NewsDaily

Researchers are examining the link between autism and mitochondrial disease to look for evidence of the causes and treatments for individuals with both disorders. Columbia University scientists recent… Read More

Why college career centers should boost support for humanities grads


  • Diverse: Issues In Higher Education

Career centers at colleges and universities should offer liberal-arts graduates the same level of job-placement efforts they do for technical graduates, Edvance Foundation director Brian Mitchell writ… Read More