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Researchers find niacin in meteorites



Niacin, or Vitamin B3, has been discovered in carbon-rich meteorites classified as CM-2 carbonaceous chondrites. Some researchers believe that niacin and other essential nutrients first appeared on Ea… Read More

Miss. reconfigures school-rating system for more focus on graduation


  • Sun Herald (Biloxi-Gulfport, Miss.), The

Graduation rates in Mississippi will play a key role in determining school rankings under a recent policy change. Mississippi education officials have restructured the state's rating system to ensure … Read More

Flashcard applications for virtual test prep



In this blog post, teacher and education consultant Monica Burns highlights 10 mobile applications students can use to prepare for exams and supplement their study routine. Apps include Brainscape Sma… Read More

How one college is helping female faculty become entrepreneurs


  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Female faculty members are taking advantage of a special entrepreneurial educational program at Washington University Medical School to turn their research into business ideas. The program connects fa… Read More