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Teacher prep program includes lessons on global competence


  • Modesto Bee (Calif.), The

A global studies course at a California university is bringing together future teachers and recent immigrant students. The program uses a small group model and technology to help bridge language gaps.… Read More

Exhibit in South Korea showcases education "obsession"


  • Korea Times (Seoul), The

The National Museum of Korean Contemporary History in Seoul, South Korea, has a new exhibit on the country's long history with exams and what is described in this article as an education "obsession." … Read More

Disability specialists offer tips for postsecondary success


  • T.H.E. Journal

Data show a sharp decline in the number of students with learning disabilities accessing services in the K-12 setting -- 87% -- versus those accessing services in higher-education settings -- 19%. Dis… Read More

Tips for graduate students on negotiating a salary



Graduate students entering the job market should never take the first salary offered, University of Colorado Ph.D. candidate Katie Shives advises in this blog post. Instead, candidates should have a n… Read More

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