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Rest easy, Sarah Palin, the Russian's aren't coming


  • Washington Times, The

Events in Ukraine notwithstanding, there are limits to Vladimir Putin's expansionism. The Russian president has assured the world that his country has no plans to invade Alaska. Putin said Alaska is a… Read More

Why creative ideas make people uncomfortable



People often have a negative reaction to creative ideas because of the uncertainty they cause, writes Rahul Varshneya, co-founder of Arkenea Technologies. With this in mind, avoid prematurely saying n… Read More

March manufacturing numbers up, Fed reports


  • IndustryWeek

The Federal Reserve reports U.S. industrial output grew 0.7% in March and has updated its February growth number from 0.6% to 1.2%. Manufacturing grew 0.5% in March and an adjusted 1.4% in February. "… Read More

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