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Don't lose faith in clean technologies


  • McKinsey Quarterly (free registration)

The high-profile failures of individual clean-tech companies shouldn't be taken as a strike against the sector as a whole, write Sara Hastings-Simon, Dickon Pinner and Martin Stuchtey. Much like previ… Read More

Recovering from failure, one step at a time


  • Entrepreneur online

Recovering from a setback can take a while, according to Andrew Yang, whose book describes how he lost investors hundreds of thousands of dollars. "During the next couple of years there were ups and d… Read More

Supreme Court turns down Ariz. appeal on part of immigration law


  • Hill, The
  • Washington Post (tiered subscription model), The
  • Reuters

The Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal filed by Arizona over a portion of its immigration law that made it a crime for people to harbor those who entered the country illegally, according to t… Read More