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Germany's anti-nuke policy boosts coal-fired power plants


  • Bloomberg

Germany's decision to phase out nuclear power has led to a surge in coal-based generation, which now accounts for 45% of the country's energy portfolio, the highest level since 2007. That will make it… Read More

A failure to proofread can cost money


  • Entrepreneur online

It's critical to proofread marketing materials to avoid potentially costly mistakes, writes Joan Stewart. Carefully review prices and deadlines, and make sure phone numbers are correct, Stewart writes… Read More

Fall, winter preparations for a lusher lawn in spring


  • Kokomo Perspective (Ind.)

Using a mulching kit on the lawn mower and planting grass seeds are helpful steps to take in fall toward a lush lawn in the spring. Additionally, it is a good idea to dethatch the lawn and remove all … Read More