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Offbeat excuses employees have given to get out of work


  • Telegraph (London) (tiered subscription model), The

Employees often give incredible excuses for not going to work. "The chemical in turkey made me fall asleep, so I missed my shift" and "Someone glued my doors and windows shut so I couldn't leave the h… Read More

Fed's balance sheet will keep borrowing costs low


  • Bloomberg

Even after the Federal Reserve ends its bond-buying program, the central bank plans to hold $4.48 trillion in assets on its balance sheet. The Fed's move limits the supply of securities trading on the… Read More

Buy side calls for SEF anonymity


  • (subscription required)

Buy-side executives have called for their identities to be withheld when trading in central limit order books offered by swap-execution facilities. Some SEFs disclose the names of counterparties after… Read More

Advisors should ponder disability options for women


  • (U.S.)

Financial advisors should plan for the possibility that some clients will not be able to continue working, for whatever reason. Diana Britton offers nine "disability strategies that advisors may want … Read More

Experts: Widespread Ebola outbreak would affect various lines of insurance



The widespread transmission of Ebola into countries with sound health care facilities and infrastructure is unlikely, but would have implications for several lines of insurance, including directors-an… Read More

GM Financial discloses subpoenas in subprime auto loan probe


  • Bloomberg Businessweek

GM Financial has disclosed in a regulatory filing that it has received subpoenas for documents related to its subprime auto loan business. Unnamed state attorneys general and other government offices … Read More