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Wine waste could add antioxidants, fiber to baked goods


  • (France)

A new study shows that the skins and seeds left over from the wine-making process, called wine grape pomace, can be used in baked goods to increase their fiber and antioxidant content. Taste, color, a… Read More

Older consumers prefer "natural" foods over "organic," report says


  • FoodNavigator

Consumers older than 55 prefer foods with a "natural" label, rather than "organic," as the demographic becomes wary of overly-processed foods and seek healthier options, according to a report from Can… Read More

Craft distillers offer alternative to whiskey conglomerates


  • SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Food & Beverage

The number of craft distilleries across the U.S. is on the rise, as states amend alcohol laws to allow small artisan producers to compete with craft brewers and other specialty foods and beverages. De… Read More