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Wendy's will open about 1,000 new restaurants over the next five years, most of them franchises. The quickservice chain also plans to sell 540 of its existing restaurants to franchisees by the middle of next year, leaving it operating only about 5% of its eateries, executives said during a Wednesday conference call.

Distractions while eating, such as watching TV, may increase the likelihood of snacking later, a study in Appetite says. Researchers say people who were distracted while eating lunch were more likely to snack later and to eat more food when they did snack compared with those who were not subject to distractions.

Busy "to-do" lists and school nutrition professionals seem to go hand-in-hand. Many days you may wonder how you'll get everything on your to-do list accomplished. There's never "enough" time, so we must prioritize our tasks, and that includes making time to take advantage of professional educational opportunities. SNA members have an easy and convenient way to optimize personal development and job growth -- through SNA's two regular webinar series -- Talk Tuesdays and Webinar Wednesdays. Visit for information on upcoming webinars and to access the archives.

Officials in a South Carolina school district are hoping to reach more students with free summer meals offered at 120 sites. The program -- a partnership between the district, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the state's Department of Education -- last year served more than 200,000 meals to 7,000 children.

A study in Pediatrics found that schools in California with high rates of exemptions from anti-vaccine parents, who cite personal beliefs, also had high rates of exemptions for medical reasons. Researchers found that parents who did not want their kindergarten children vaccinated because of personal beliefs typically were from white and wealthy families. They also lived in Northern California, outside Los Angeles, and other large cities and areas with a higher number of private or charter schools.

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Teaching children about eating in moderation begins with emphasizing that healthy diets include a variety of foods, registered dietitian Tamara Duker Freuman writes. Parents should set high nutrition expectations for children but be flexible in enforcing them, and set specific guidelines for having treats, Freuman writes.

A Minnesota high school has become the third in the state to withdraw from the federal school lunch program -- a decision that will cost the district at least $170,000 in federal and state funds. Officials from other schools cited in this article say lost funding has been recovered through increased meal participation brought by larger portions of dishes students enjoy, such as macaroni and cheese.

Mondelez International launched its Shopper Futures program this week, which will team startups with retailers to improve the retail experience for consumers. "Through Shopper Futures, we're collaborating with the brightest minds in the industry and startup world to shape the future of retail, both in-store and online. This time around, we're focused on solving real shopper challenges in our snacking categories and unlocking new opportunities for growth," said Laura Henderson, head of U.S. media and communications.

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