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Aereo case goes before Supreme Court


  • Re/code

The broadcast networks' case against streaming service Aereo went before the Supreme Court today, with the justices expressing concern that their ruling could potentially harm other companies that use… Read More

Google is putting smartphones into orbit


  • Bloomberg Businessweek

Google has teamed with NASA on a project in which smartphones will help robots fly around the International Space Station and eventually take over menial tasks from astronauts. The Android-based phone… Read More

Graphene flakes could make better batteries, displays, solar cells


  • Electronics Weekly (U.K.)

Flakes taken from bulk graphene have the potential to improve the performance capabilities of batteries, displays and solar cells, researchers at Trinity College Dublin report. "The exfoliated flakes … Read More

Verizon: Heartbleed is not the only issue online


  • Bloomberg Businessweek

Verizon Communications' risk team is offering a reminder that the Heartbleed flaw in encryption software is one of many Internet vulnerabilities. Heartbleed "underscores the possibility that there are… Read More

Comcast, Netflix spar over Time Warner Cable deal


  • Multichannel News (subscription required)
  • Variety

Netflix has announced its opposition to Comcast's proposed $45 billion merger with Time Warner Cable, citing concerns over the deal's effect on broadband competition. However, Comcast said Netflix is … Read More

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