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Researchers see a future beyond TCP/IP


  • Network World

Danish researchers, working with engineers from MIT and Caltech, say they have conceived of a more efficient way to deliver data over the Internet than legacy TCP/IP. The process, they say, can not on… Read More

Report: HD set-top boxes to dominate the market


  • Broadband TV News

Sales of set-top boxes generated $20 billion last year, with emerging markets accounting for 70% of demand, Futuresource Consulting says. The report says high-definition devices accounted for more tha… Read More

IoT sensor will harvest energy for its power


  • MIT Technology Review online

PsiKick, a Virginia startup, is developing an energy-harvesting sensor for applications in the Internet of Things. These sub-threshold chips, which the company plans to start selling next year, draw t… Read More

Astronomers unlock secrets of the Milky Way


  • Popular Science

After running calculations on Earth's home galaxy, the Milky Way, a group of scientists from three countries has determined that it has a mass equivalent to 800 billion suns, and is mostly likely smal… Read More

Samsung, Apple lose global market share to Chinese vendors


  • Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Wireless Week

Samsung Electronics' global smartphone shipments fell by nearly 4% in the second quarter compared with a year ago, and its market share dropped 7 percentage points to 25.2%, according to IDC. Apple's … Read More