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Learn about wireless interference in February


As more devices become enabled for IP connectivity within the home, the potential for wireless interference increases. SCTE LiveLearning Webinars™ on Wednesday, Feb. 18, will cover this issue with "… Read More

U.S. groups react to Chinese rules for tech-equipment sellers


  • New York Times (tiered subscription model), The

China has issued new rules for companies selling computer equipment to banks, including that the firms turn over proprietary coding data and open their books to audits. Business groups including the U… Read More

Researchers develop an electron-flow model for nanocrystals in solar cells


  • Electronics Weekly (U.K.)

Researchers at the ETH Zurich university in Switzerland have come up with an electron-flow model for nanocrystalline solar cells, showing how the bandgap energy of a nanocrystal composite is related t… Read More

Firms turn to acquisitions to close the talent gap



Faced with a shrinking pool of available IT talent, many big companies are forgoing a protracted and sometimes fruitless recruitment process and are building entire teams by acquiring startups. A numb… Read More

FCC committee to study next-gen set-top security


  • Multichannel News

The clock is winding down on provisions prohibiting the use of integrated security in cable set-top boxes, and regulators hope to ease the transition to alternative technologies. The Federal Communica… Read More