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Broadcasters: Aereo case is about "blatant" copyright infringement


  • Variety
  • National Journal

Classification of over-the-top video services, cloud storage of content, the future of free over-the-air broadcast networks and more could be affected by the Supreme Court's decision in broadcasters' … Read More

TSMC exec: Apple's 64-bit chip set off me-too mobile processors


  • CNET

Chipmakers have followed Apple's surprise September 2013 move to a 64-bit processor, Mark Liu, co-CEO of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, said Thursday at an earnings conference. Liu said TSMC has … Read More

IBM feels growing pains as it seeks to reinvent itself


  • Computerworld
  • eWeek

Double-digit declines in hardware revenues took a toll on IBM's profits during the first three months of 2014, even as the company seeks to shift focus into the emerging fields of cloud computing, Big… Read More

Twitter introduces app install ads


  • New York Times (tiered subscription model), The
  • San Francisco Chronicle (free content)

Twitter is adding Facebook-like application install ads to its repertoire. The mobile displays invite users to download a new app or encourage them to use one they already have. By helping lesser-know… Read More

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